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The world of wine is rich in history and craftsmanship. Each bottle is the result of careful attention and planning. In fact, despite what wine snobs may think, no one person will ever know everything about wine.

That’s crazy-intimidating – especially when you can’t seem to get that gosh-darn cork out of the bottle.

From our experience, most people are – secretly or not-so-secretly – completely lost when it comes to wine. Which, honestly, is a-ok…unless, of course, you’re staring down at the 800-page wine menu at your business dinner.

But that’s why we’re here: To help you supercharge your know-how so you can sip wine like a pro.

We offer public classes and wine education for private events, customer appreciation, team building, and parties.

Educational Tastings and Events

Whether you want to

  • learn how to taste wine
  • identify your wine style
  • master The Swirl
  • explore the difference between grape varieties
  • pair wine with your favorite foods
  • choose a bottle for your meeting, date, holiday party, Saturday afternoon
  • know what’s the deal with those dippy wine descriptions
  • or, discover the real difference between boxed and bottled

…we’re ready to dish. Click here for upcoming events.

Private Events

We’ll work with you to create the perfect event, party or retreat. Click here to book an event.

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Questions we can answer? We’d love to hear from you. Here’s how you can connect with us.

Who We Are

Serena | Founder

Amid the 2005 Sideways craze, Serena started working weekends in Santa Barbara-area tasting rooms looking to meet some cool folks. But she also developed an obsession – not just for tasting new wine (duh), but also for learning about the history, the process, the winemaking techniques, and the winemakers’ stories. Serena has moonlighted in wineries, wine bars, and as a wine journalist ever since.

She is a certified specialist of wine and active member with the Society of Wine Educators, a Diploma in Wines candidate from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. She is also an adjunct wine professor at Drexel University.

Serena has an MBA from Claremont Graduate University’s Peter Drucker School of Management and began her career as a journalist, PR, and marketing strategy professional in the higher education, food and wine, health, and lifestyle industries before succumbing to her passion for wine education.


Mike | Instructor

In 2003, Mike created a popular restaurant and dining blog, Main Line Dine, (long before “blog” was a household word), which focused on Philadelphia’s Western suburbs. Little did he know that it would spark a passion for wine, in addition to food.

Mike joined WAID as an instructor in 2019. He is now a certified Italian Wine Ambassador with the VinItaly International Academy and has written for Wine Enthusiast, Palate Press, Home + Table, and Edible Philly. He is also the author of Lost Mount Penn: Wineries, Railroads and Resorts of Reading, a book about the nineteenth century food and wine destination right here in Pennsylvania.


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