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unleash your inner wine buff

We dial down the intimidation for a fun, safe way to learn about wine.

We are in the process of upsizing our space! But we continue to provide online and in-person wine classes and happy hours for birthday parties, alumni gatherings, customer appreciation events, team-building activities, book clubs, and everyday wine appreciation.

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28 Reasons You Should Have a Glass of Wine Tonight

1 You had an AWESOME day. Let’s celebrate! 2 You had a crummy day. Nothing a little wine-ing won’t fix. 3 Your day was fine. But this is your last chance to make it AWESOME! 4 You made it through the day. It’s the little things, right? 5 You seriously need a moment of Zen.…

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Virtual Happy Hours with WAID

Virtual Happy Hours with WAID We’ve missed seeing you at the WAID studio! In-person wine classes are still canceled due to the COVID-19 safety measures, but that isn’t going to stop us from talking about wine. We’re hosting low-cost virtual classes – our way of spreading a little happiness during this trying time. So pour…

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Meet us in California in…2022?

The bad news: Due to COVID-19 concerns, we canceled our Santa Barbara reservations for Summer 2020. The good news: We hope to reschedule in 2022! Please contact Serena if you are interested in joining us in wine country.   There is nothing like experiencing wine country and seeing where the magic is made. So we…

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Snobbery is checked at the door

Thanks to buttoned-up sommeliers and the fancy lingo, the world of wine seems an awful lot like an exclusive club. Luckily, enjoying wine doesn't require detecting an aroma of toasted water chestnuts or using 'terrior' in a sentence. We’ll show you the way at WAID.

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