Merlot: The less-popular half-sibling



I love the question “what do you do?” because a) I think I have the greatest job on the planet, and b) it opens the door for some fun discussion. A new acquaintance recently asked me for some red wine recommendations. So I asked about his preferences: “Cab, Merlot, Pinot Noir?” His response – which is a common one: “No, not Merlot. But Cab and Pinot Noir are good.”
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7 Tips for Winning with Wine This Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is special. How nice to have a major holiday that, instead of revolving around gift giving, revolves around sharing and caring. Surely, you never feel overwhelmed by the pressures of cooking, and, heaven forbid, selecting the perfect wine.


Well, if presenting your guests with your supermarket wine selection feels something like walking over hot coals, heed not. Here are 7 tips for winning with wine this Thanksgiving.

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