What Exactly is a Rosé Wine

If you were under the impression pink wines are syrupy-sweet blends of red and white wine, you aren’t alone – thanks to the reputation of White Zinfandel.

As it turns out, pink wines can be dry or sweet, and are made from red grapes.

Unlike traditional red wines, rosés (pronounced roh-say) get their pale hue from having very limited contact with their red grape skins during the fermentation process. And when I say limited, we’re talking anywhere from a few days to a few hours – just enough time to pick up some color and complexity. Then the skins are either strained off the top, or the rosy-colored juice is pued into a fresh new tank to continue fermentation without the grape skins.

At this point the winemaker determines if the wine will be fermented dry, or have residual sweetness.

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