Our Take on “Proper” Stemware

I’m in the process of shopping for a new set of stemware for my personal collection. While you can drink wine effectively from a red solo cup or a $150 crystal Riedel, sorry, the aromas just aren’t quite the same (Ah yes, I detect a slight bouquet of plastic…).

I’ve oft been asked whether it is worth getting the “proper” vessel for each wine style. And here’s the deal:

If you’re a pro, maybe.

If you’re simply an appreciator of wine, I suggest you just stick with a set of comfortable red wine glasses – with a significant bowl and tapered rim – they do a plenty-good job presenting aromas for your red, white, or pink.

Wait. That’s really all I need? Yes. That’s really all you need.

Oh, and make sure you can safely pop those babies in the dishwasher!

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