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28 Reasons You Should Have a Glass of Wine Tonight

  • 1 You had an AWESOME day. Let's celebrate!
  • 2 You had a crummy day. Nothing a little wine-ing won't fix.
  • 3 Your day was fine. But this is your last chance to make it AWESOME!
  • 4 You made it through the day. It's the little things, right?
  • 5 You seriously need a moment of Zen. Stop talking and step away from the bottle, people.
  • 6 You feel classy drinking from a wine glass. Who cares if you’re wearing a 10-year-old camp t-shirt and the wine only put you back $5. Still classy.
  • 7 You need something to go with your crackers and cheese. Duh.
  • 8 Wine goes perfectly with your dinner. Wine pairings can be as complicated or as simple as you’d like. But considering wine’s balance of acidity, sweetness, and structure, it makes sense why it is total besties with your food. In fact, in ancient times, wine was recommended by doctors to aid digestion.
  • 9 You’re crafty. How else will you gather enough corks for your wall mural?!
  • 10 You like to eat all-natural. Wine is the byproduct of a naturally occurring process. And many wineries are now adopting sustainable or biodynamic farming practices – even making friends with the local ladybugs.
  • 11 You’re health-conscious. In general, wine has fewer calories and carbs than beer. But studies have also found that wine drinkers just tend make healthier choices than beer drinkers when it comes to food and exercise. Plus, beer is more often linked to overindulging than wine. And you’re so over that… right?
  • 12 You like to eat local. Wine is now produced in all 50 states and around the globe, including countries that are inhospitable to grape growing. Worldwide, grapes account for 19 million acres of vines, which yield about 3 billion cases of wine per year.
  • 13 You’re concerned about water. There’s a drought on the west coast, and really, who knows what’s in the drinking water these days?! Well, one of the reasons wine was so popular in ancient times was that water was not safe to drink. You’ve just learned from history.
  • 14 You’re a history buff. The first known records of fermented grape beverages were uncovered in China and date back to around 7000 BCE.
  • 15 You like antiques. Nothing like wiping the dust off a bottle and thinking about what was going on in the world 5 years ago when that wine was merely a bunch buds on a vine.
  • 16 You think very highly of yourself. After all, it’s been said that wine is the nectar of the gods. In fact, a few years back, in 4000 BC, only aristocrats, royalty, and members of clergy were privileged enough to drink wine. The commoners were left with mead and beer.
  • 17 You want to take a selfie. Studies show that wine can minimize the affects of UV rays and may even be effective in treating acne.
  • 18 You hate being sick. In ancient times, doctors recommended wine for treatment of many illnesses and conditions, including sinus problems.
  • 19 You want to live forever. For years European monks attributed their longer lifespans, in part, to wine consumption. Researchers at Harvard Medical School have since confirmed that red wine does have magical anti-aging properties.
  • 20 You want to lower your risk of cancer. It is believed that wine drinkers have lower cancer rates than non-wine-drinkers. For example, regular consumption of most alcoholic drinks increases the risk of breast cancer. But, drinking a bit of red wine seems to have the opposite effect. Another study showed that moderate red wine drinkers were less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as men who never drank red wine. And a number of studies indicate better lung function and lower risks of lung cancer.
  • 21 …And dementia. It also seems that moderate red wine consumption may reduce one’s chances of developing dementia.
  • 22 …And heart disease. Studies indicate that moderate wine drinkers have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which protects against coronary heart disease.
  • 23 …And stroke. Red wine may also help minimize stroke damage, according to a study conducted at Johns Hopkins University.
  • 24 …And eye problems. Red wine may also help control blood vessel growth in the eye that leads to blindness.
  • 25 …And diabetes. A recent study indicated that red wine may have a positive impact on insulin sensitivity.
  • 26 You want to keep your dentist happy. Another study suggests that moderate red wine drinking can help deter cavities.
  • 27 And YOU want to be happy. Drinking a glass of wine a day may even reduce the onset of depression.
  • 28 You love to remember that time… Drinking wine is not a test to see if you can pick out the essence of orange blossom. Wine actually just triggers our memory via our sense of smell. So maybe that wine reminds you of that time you had a picnic on the beach. Or running through a lavender field. Or your grandfather’s smoking jacket. But it takes practice and patience. But why not start practicing today?

Note: Moderate wine consumption – approximately two glasses for men and one glass for women – has many great benefits. But drinking in excess is actually not more of a good thing. It can be a bad thing.

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