Merlot: The Less-Popular Half-Sibling

glass or red wine overlooking a coastal vineyard

Merlot: The Less-Popular Half-Sibling I love the question “what do you do?” because a) I think I have the greatest job on the planet, and b) it opens the door for some fun discussion. A new acquaintance recently asked me for some red wine recommendations. So I asked about his preferences: “Cab, Merlot, Pinot Noir?” His…

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What Am I Drinking?: Easter

online wine class | What Am I Drinking?!

What Am I Drinking?: Easter What am I drinking for Easter? My pick this holiday was a brut rosé Champagne. Sure, pink is festive. But being brut (dry) it plays nicely with traditional brunch foods, deviled eggs, ham, and those sugary Easter treats. You can find one for as little as $15… or splurge a bit.…

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Our Take on “Proper” Stemware

Our Take on “Proper” Stemware I’m in the process of shopping for a new set of stemware for my personal collection. While you can drink wine effectively from a red solo cup or a $150 crystal Riedel, sorry, the aromas just aren’t quite the same (Ah yes, I detect a slight bouquet of plastic…). I’ve…

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